Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Melissa and Kumaran . 28.04.2012 . Merriwa WA

Some weeks ago I shot Melissa and Kumaran wedding. It was a very nice vintage style wedding.. beautiful people and relaxed atmosphere. Everything was well organised...Melissa's been also the wedding planner! She did such a good job!! She dressed up her dogs too... they were so cute!

Friday, 4 May 2012

VOGUE VOGUE VOGUE . A portrait on Vogue Living!!

Some months ago I took a portrait for Vogue Living Australia... On the pic Martin Grounds and Jack Kent of Grounds Kent Architects. Check it on the stands ;-) !

Producer/Text: Anna Flanders
Photography: Angelita Bonetti


On the May issue of Australian H&G you can find a portrait of Elaine Devereux ( Sebastian Alexander interiors). The photo shooting was really fun. Her kids run and payed during all shooting around the showroom...they are so cute!

Styling: Anna Flanders
Photography:Angelita Bonetti